Mumbai is a big city. Despite being surrounded by people everywhere, one can often get lost. Each day is nothing but a fight for survival.

At Living Word we believe that it is not your job or status or position that makes your life valuable, it is God who has made you valuable. He loves and accepts you unconditionally and you don’t have to DO anything to earn that. We experience this each day of our lives.

There is a greater purpose for you being in this great city than you can ever imagine!

Come and discover that purpose, live it out, make a difference to Mumbai city and beyond!

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He wanted to

“This is what He wanted to do and it gave him great pleasure” Ephesians 1:5b (NLT) When someone does something because they want to and not because they had to gives the receiver of that deed a sense that he or she is loved. God didn’t have to create us, love us, adopt us and die for us! He didn’t have to do any of this. But He wanted to. We are the apple of his eye.  When I look at my son whom I love, even when he has done something wrong, I still see my son, whom I love. Nothing he does changes the fact that I love him. In fact, when he does do something wrong, I correct him because I love him and want whats best for him. The whole process is quite cumbersome. Sitting, talking, dealing with a cranky child, patiently seeing through his tantrums. I would rather not do it. But I can’t help my self. Its a priority for me. I do it because I want to and not because I have to. I love buying him gifts and seeing him squeal with excitement. I love spending time, not because I have to and its the right thing to do, but because I want to. God has loved and chosen me because he wanted to do it. It gave him great pleasure. Start this day with this thought. God wanted me to be born. He wanted me to be part of his plan. It gave him great pleasure. Written By Joshua George Joshua George, currently pursing post graduate theological education at South...

Why was there a need for a Day of Atonement within the sacrificial system of the Old Testament?

The study of the Day of Atonement has led many scholars to believe that it was a day more important than any other in the Old Testament. Tidball mentions that the proceedings of this day, “… were unique, their effect was unequalled and their significance was unrivalled” (Tidball 68). So in an environment where offerings and sacrifices quite normal, why was this Day so special?   THE PURPOSE OF THE SACRIFICIAL SYSTEM In order to understand the importance of this Day, we must first look at the purpose for which God instituted a very meticulous sacrificial system. Scholars mention that the entire sacrificial system was for the Israelites to be able to have communion with God in his holy presence and also to deal with any hindrances that would prevent this privilege (Alexander and Baker 706). In other words, God wanted his people to relate with him, and this system provided a platform for them to outwork this special relationship. Tidball’s helpful summary of the five types of offerings confirms this notion. He says:   “… [i] the whole or burnt offering…, a general act of worship and atonement; [ii] the grain offering…, an expression of covenant commitment; [iii] the fellowship or peace offering…, a celebratory and communion meal in the presence of God; [iv] the sin or purification offering…, which dealt with unintentional sins; [v] and the guilt or reparation offering…, which involved making restitution for wrong. They could initiate a new relationship between God and his people, remedy a damaged one or strengthen an existing one.” (Tidball 75)   The heart of the matter, as Jenson rightly...

We are an English speaking Church in Mumbai.

We would describe ourselves as Contemporary, Bible believing, Spirit Filled (Charismatic) and a Born again church in Mumbai city. We are part of the Newfrontiers international family of churches. We meet every Sunday in Bandra.

At Living Word you will find people of different ages, nationalities, backgrounds with different stories. We are one big family who are united by a common love for Jesus, one another and for our city!

We don’t believe in formal or ritualistic practice of religion, but enjoy a real relationship with God and aim to outwork in a relevant way in everyday life.

Join us this Sunday