Mumbai is a big city. Despite being surrounded by people everywhere, one can often get lost. Each day is nothing but a fight for survival.

At Living Word we believe that it is not your job or status or position that makes your life valuable, it is God who has made you valuable. He loves and accepts you unconditionally and you don’t have to DO anything to earn that. We experience this each day of our lives.

There is a greater purpose for you being in this great city than you can ever imagine!

Come and discover that purpose, live it out, make a difference to Mumbai city and beyond!

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He wanted to

“This is what He wanted to do and it gave him great pleasure” Ephesians 1:5b (NLT) When someone does something because they want to and not because they had to gives the receiver of that deed a sense that he or she is loved. God didn’t have to create us, love us,...

We are an English speaking Church in Mumbai.

We would describe ourselves as Contemporary, Bible believing, Spirit Filled (Charismatic) and a Born again church in Mumbai city. We are part of the Newfrontiers international family of churches. We meet every Sunday in Bandra.

At Living Word you will find people of different ages, nationalities, backgrounds with different stories. We are one big family who are united by a common love for Jesus, one another and for our city!

We don’t believe in formal or ritualistic practice of religion, but enjoy a real relationship with God and aim to outwork in a relevant way in everyday life.

Join us this Sunday