The 412


The 412 is the Living Word Church youth group. A perfect place for you to make new friends and build godly relationships.

We are a group on a mission. As stated in 1 Timothy 4:12 – “Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity.”

Our focus is to be an example to the world through the way we live.

We also like to have a lot of fun along the way. Some of our events include.


Barbeque nights

Outdoor events like treks & nature trails

Q & A sessions

& much more. So what are you waiting for. Come, become a part of 412 today!
The 412 is the perfect place for you to form great friendships with other young adults your age, build relationships and develop a real relationship with Jesus.

We aim to be an example to the world in all aspects: in the way we live, in our love, our faith and our purity.

How will we do this?

By focusing on two major aspects:

a. Ourselves – By the way we live, our faith and our purity and

b. Others – In our love for others (Evangelism. Reaching out to those who need God)

We meet every Saturday to learn how we can work on our mission through applicable teaching, genuine community, and opportunities to serve, we strive to create a place where young adults are encouraged and equipped to pursue intimacy with God, community with one another, and influence with their peers.


Inner healing

It would be true to say that many of us are wounded people. We refer to being wounded on our insides: with hurts ,rejection, abuse, shame, bitterness unforgiveness , emotional traumas right from our infancy ,at times. Much of this then spills out of our spiritual guts through anger, revenge, stress , aloofness, mistrust, you name it . In short loveless individuals unable to love in return. Broken people in need of wholeness.

Then there’s the very real world of demons that haunt us, addictions that entrap us and , curses that plague us.

Emotional, psychological  injuries often leading to physical wounds that need healing. From the inside out!

Our tested Inner Healing, Encounter weekends   is about dealing with what’s described above. Balancing sound biblical teaching with sensitive one on one interaction, IH seeks to touch ones inner recesses.  The sound bible teaching , harnesses the power unleased by Jesus crucifixion , to set individuals free from things that bind them. It Is done through, teaching, videos, live demonstrations, testimonies of those who have experienced freedom . Forgiveness is a key part of the process.

It involves a commitment to attending a whole day’s session on a Saturday from 9am to 5 pm and on a Sunday from 1.30 pm to roughly 6 pm, depending on the length of your ministry time.

Inner Healing Encounter week ends are held twice or thrice a year and announced a good 6-8 weeks in advance.

Marriage Masala

Society holds together through the life blood of good family life. And families hold together through good marriages. We live in an age when the time tested and God ordained institution of marriage is crumbling . Marriage Masala is an 8 hour workshop designed for couples  who are just engaged or married or married for years.

It covers the following topics;

  1. Foundations of a good marriage.
  2. His needs, her needs, how to build and affair proof marriage.
  3. Respect and Languages of love.
  4. Communication skills, including listening ability.
  5. Conflict resolution in marriages.
  6. How to fight !
  7. Order in the family.
  8. Sex and Romance.
  9. Relating with in-laws.This fast paced ,  workshop style day’s session uses, audio visuals, evaluation instruments, group activities, teaching , practical demonstration, using experiential methods to teach on the sanctity of marriage. It is conducted by an experienced group of couples , who have conducted these workshops in over 6 Indian cities for over 500 couples.