Is God good? If he is, why is there suffering and evil?

Let’s assume for the moment that God is all powerful. This means that God can do anything that is logically possible. So he can create galaxies, and subatomic particles, and rainforests, and you.

But God cannot do what is logically impossible. He cannot make a square circle or a one-ended stick. So can God make a rock so big that he can’t lift it? No.

So what if, when God created human beings, he wanted them to be free. Freedom’s a good thing. But, if humans are to be free, they cannot be forced to obey God — because freedom without choice is like a square circle. It’s a logical contradiction. No choice, no freedom.

God didn’t want robots. He wanted real people.

The first humans endowed with the awesome power of free choice abused their freedom. The tragic consequences of their bad choice and our bad choices rippled across the world.

God is responsible for the fact of freedom but humans are responsible for their acts of freedom.

But let’s remember, we don’t suffer alone. God will put an end to suffering and evil. And God became a man to suffer with us.

God is good and he wants real people like you to know him, but the free choice is yours.