Mission Nepal, Oct 2012, a report


Dear Friends,

We have had an excellent camp. Some of the high lights would be:

  • Very impressed with the work that John & Esther have done in gathering more than 25 to 30 people in the 3 years that they have begun to gather a new.
  • It was more impressive seeing that he had already gathered 30 odd people who he lost to a person who lead the group astray.
  • The hall that they meet in was very well done. It had lovely soft carpets and a beautiful backdrop with a drum set and a PA system. Just getting this hall up and running was a feat in itself and we are wowed!
  • Seventeen people and two children came from Shillong, Tura, Purakasia & Nongstoin. They travelled for two or three days in gruelling bus journeys and it cost then Rs.4,000 each. Dilip led the group bringing his wife and two small children along with him. There was much that he had to handle on the journey and the various bookings and cancelations as he painstakingly guided them to Pokhara.
  • All of them stayed with John in the hall. All meals were cooked and provided for at the hall and the cooks were 2 young men from another local church.
  • Esther administered the camp, well, very supported by the church believers.
  • Sydney & Praveen were part of a team of seven including 4 senior zealous ladies and a gentleman.
  • The worship times were very good, with children praying out loud first. We felt the presence of God at each session.
  • Dilip taught us a new Nepali song inviting the Holy Spirit. It was powerful and over two worship session the Spirit moved in great power touching all present. It was especially amazing to see the small children aged no more than 4, 7 & 10 being touched and sobbing and weeping for almost 20 to 30 minutes under the power of God.
  • John got the youth to present local Nepali dances, dressed in Nepali dress which were just beautiful.
  • We taught through a theme of building “God’s Glorious Church”. John & Dilip took a session each along with Sydney & Praveen. It was very well received and John felt it was very apt for his people.
  • The group we very impressed with the senior ladies that travelled so far to be with them. They were also blessed to become friends and receive encouragement.
  • We had a day sightseeing and were very blessed with the beautiful snow capped mountains. Later we have a nice meal and then roamed around the market.
  • All in all a very good trip. We were blessed and the “Himalayan Grace Church” were very blessed too.


Pictures are attached


Much love.