We are an English speaking Church in Mumbai.

We would describe ourselves as contemporary, evangelical, Bible believing, spirit filled (Charismatic) and a born again church in Mumbai city. We meet every Sunday in Bandra & Goregaon – Visit Us.

At Living Word you will find people of different ages, nationalities, backgrounds with different stories. We are one big family who are united by a common love for Jesus, one another and our city!

We don’t believe in a formal or ritualistic practice of religion, but enjoy a real relationship with God and aim to outwork this in a relevant way in everyday life.

We trust you’ll find Living Word church authentic in its relationships, spiritually connected, appreciative of diversity, caring, contemporary and committed to the teachings of the bible. We’d be thrilled to have you attend one of our services in either Bandra or Goregaon. Whether you plan on visiting us, or are just browsing our website – allow us to extend our warmest welcome to you.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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To see thousands of lives transformed, bringing hope to our city and beyond.


~ Andy Stanley

Real Church happens when people share life, eat and talk about God together. That’s the reason why through the week we meet in groups of 3 to 15 people, called “Life Groups” all over Mumbai city. The aim is to have people meeting, engaging, learning, loving, growing and reaching out in a small group.

You can get in touch with Lynn Fernandes and she will be happy to guide you to the nearest Life Group.


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Living Word Blog

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